ThinkGeek Sets Phasers To “Gesture-Based Remote Control”

Peddler of nerdy wares ThinkGeek has a new product launching just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and it should give Trekkers more control over when and how they watch their favorite show. The gadget is a hyper-authentic replication of the Phaser from the original Star Trek series, complete with flashing lights, sounds, tactile force feedback and gesture-based remote control of gadgets including your television, stereo or iPod dock.

The device includes both a Phaser I and Phaser II, with the former docking within the pistol grip of the latter, and is based on 3D scans of the actual prop used on-screen and created by celebrated sci-fi prop master Greg Jein. The built-in gesture control features of the prop are what are most interesting about it, however – it can store up to 36 separate remote control codes via a combination of its trigger and gesture-based input, which include flicking the device up or side-to-side briskly, tilting it more gradually to control volume, and performing a push-pull movement to turn controllable devices on or off and eject DVD trays.

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Also included is an Any-TV-Off mode that lets you prank your friends or ruin sporting events at bars by turning off just about any TV under the sun with just a single press of the trigger. All of these functions, along with the flashing lights and sound effects, are powered by a built-in battery contained in the phaser, which is rechargeable via USB. Interested parties can get their first look at the product in action at Comic-Con on July 23, and it’ll go on sale on the website starting in November, 2014.