The LifeTip Doesn’t Need To Touch You To Know Your Heart

You can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting a new wearable fitness tracker, and the latest to join the herd is called the LifeTip.

Recently launched on Indiegogo, the LifeTip doesn’t require any contact with the skin to work, and hooks into a woman’s bra or a man’s shirt. It reads all the standard stuff — activity, calories burned, and steps — but also goes into more tailored information like your itinerary, body temperature, and heart rate.

In fact, the LifeTip even measures your posture while standing and walking to make sure you’re upright and looking good.

Plus, the LifeTip can place an emergency call if the user goes into cardiac arrest suddenly, potentially saving lives.

Using capacitive technology, the device is able to measure all of these verticals without ever coming into contact with the skin, saving users from potential allergic reactions. Which, as we’ve learned recently, can cause big problems for a company like this.

For women, the LifeTip magnetically attaches to the wire of your bra. For men, there are special LifeTip shirts (in three different colors) that hold the LifeTip tracker against the chest of the wearer.

As expected, the LifeTip tracker comes with a smartphone app, and is expected to last around three months on a single charge.

The LifeTip is available for pre-order now on Indiegogo.