Ashton Kutcher Touts Taptalk To His 16M Twitter Followers

Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher has endorsed photo and video messaging app Taptalk to his 16 million-plus Twitter followers, telling them it “just secured homepage real estate on my phone.” It’s not clear whether he has become an investor in the Berlin-based startup, but Kutcher has been known to tweet about his investments in the past, and he’s taken a shine to other companies in Berlin, such as Amen, a much-hyped startup that was eventually sold to TapeTV.

Taptalk, a private photo and video app sends self-destructing photos and video, and if you want, your location to your friend, but it’s actually easier to use than Snapchat — incredibly enough — as it has hit upon a new kind of point-and-shoot interface.

Kutcher also tweeted at an interesting time – just after the end of the World Cup final.

This move may mean Taptalk is about to become a more mainstream app, as so far it’s relied on viral growth amongst the tech community.

However, as interesting a concept as it is, it remains hard to add new friends on the app, and it only had block features installed recently. Prior to this, the app had some spam problems, though these are now fixed.