Twitter’s New Analytics Tell Advertisers And Publishers How Many People Actually Saw Their Tweets

If you’re looking for more details about how all of your tweets are doing, Twitter today released a new analytics dashboard for advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and verified users.

The company already gave its advertisers data about tweets that they’d paid to promote, covering things like impressions, replies, and link clicks, but there was nothing equivalent for “organic” tweets, i.e., regular, non-promoted messages. So the new dashboard offers a broader view of an account’s entire Twitter strategy.

That comprehensive view is important from an ad perspective because, as Twitter’s Buster Benson noted in today’s blog post, Twitter’s ads are just organic tweets that advertisers have paid to promote to a specific audience.

The new dashboard includes data like total impressions, total engagements and engagement rates for each tweet, and also aggregates that data for the past month, showing you how you’ve been doing compared to past months.

Benson wrote that Twitter also looked at the data for “200 active brand advertisers” and found some patterns. One of the big messages was just to tweet often: “Tweet consistency is a key factor when it comes to maximizing your organic reach on Twitter.” Other “best practices” include:

  • Pay attention to when you tweet. Note which time of day and day of the week yields the highest engagement and impressions.
  • Analyze the frequency of your Tweets. Use your new insights to determine your Tweet cadence.
  • Identify what Tweet mechanics work, and which aren’t as effective. Keep an eye on elements like different calls to action, the inclusion of rich media and copy length.

The dashboard definitely got the attention of some TechCrunch writers, who are poking around their data as I write this. Hey, it’s one of the perks of being verified — and if you’re not verified, well, you can always create an advertiser account.

You can read more on the Twitter blog.