Developer Predicted LeBron’s Move To The Cavs With Website Analysis

LeBron James is going home. Sports Illustrated just announced that the king will once again don a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. The move was predictable yet few people knew for sure that he would leave Miami — except LeBron’s web developer.

Yesterday, a developer ran Firebug on Reportedly, the results revealed several new unpublished pages built the day prior. The pages were void of content but did have a color palette with a navy blue header, crimson fonts and golden accents — the colors of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From what I can see, these pages are still not published an hour after today’s announcement. They might not exist at. The developer reportedly used a keylogger to scrape a password, which is illegal and could result in legal action.

Four years ago LeBron partnered with ESPN for a 30-minute dog-and-pony show to announce his move to South Beach. This time around he penned an article for Sports Illustrated, explaining his intentions.

Today’s announcement ends weeks of rampant and obnoxious speculation of where the game’s greatest player would call home. Would it be Miami? Cleveland? L.A.? Few knew but everyone had a guess. But as one web developer can attest, it’s awfully hard to have secrets now.