Expect Labs Releases API For Better Voice Controls And Content Discovery

TechCrunch Startup alumni Expect Labs has just released a turnkey solution to allow developers to add a voice interface with just a few lines of code. Called MindMeld, the API leans on the company’s extensive work with voice search and natural voice analysis.

Building a recipe app and want an easy way for your users to search for potato salads? The MindMeld API can help.

Expect Labs states that devs simply need to point the API at the related database to create a custom knowledge graph. The included SDK can even display a customizable voice-driven interface that works on both mobile and desktop applications.

Expect Labs launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 with the promise to release an iPad app that analyzes conversations and displays related information. Say you and your buddy are debating the best microbrews in Michigan. You state that Bells is superior to Founders. This app was supposed to help settle the argument. The app launched last fall and is currently in the app store.

Tim Tuttle, CEO and founder, tells me the company’s focus is now on the the new developer platform. The company has long demonstrated proficient voice controls yet the world does not need another app even one as novel as the one previously released by Expect Labs. Instead, it needs smart apps that are easier to use. The MindMeld API seemingly provides that future.