Blek Comes To Android, And I Get Stuck On Level 23

Earlier this year, iOS game Blek drew critical cheers and enthusiastic reviews from gamers. Android fans who watched from the sidelines but haven’t yet actually Blekked can now try out the puzzler for themselves. The game uses a curious drawing mechanic as its only moving part basically, allowing the player to sketch a line with their finger that then becomes an animated in-game element whose purpose is to destroy colored circles.

The game is charming, well-designed and challenging while keeping things casual, and it includes a good soundtrack with cool sound effects. I actually hadn’tĀ ever played it on iOS, despite its popularity and media attention, mostly because until my vacation last week I haven’t had time to play much of anything. Luckily, the Android version has let me have a second crack at Blek, especially thanks to the fact that I’ve been using Android devices consistently over the last little while in order to give Android Wear a thorough testing.

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Let me say that, based on my experience of around an hour or so of play time, Blek is great and I love it. But let me also say that I hate it and it is terrible. That second opinion is strictly a knee-jerk reaction based on the fact that I can’t get past level 23 despite having cruised along with only minor hiccups until now.

Blek is $2.99, and for that price you get the opportunity to beat level 23 and shame me deeply for my inability to do so.