Video Content Network BuzzMyVideos Launches To Attract International Creators

BuzzMyVideos is a new a content network which specialises in international online video content promotion allowing video makers to grow and monetize their video content via a multi-channel network and creators program. It’s now launched out of Beta. The startup has so far attracted over 5,000 video makers (who pay for the tools their offer), in part because its founders Paola Marinone and Bengu Atamer are both ex-YouTube leaders, so they know their stuff.

Operating largely in six key verticals; beauty, entertainment, food, music, technology and games, BuzzMyVideos claims it has had over 2.3 billion views and 13.5 million subscribers on its network.

The London-based company is setting aiming at the international video creation community because over 80% of views on YouTube come from outside the US and 70% of the predicted $163 Billion digital ad spend in 2016 is also set to come from outside the US. Thus, it has localised in English, Russian, Turkish and Italian with other territories planned.

Now, there are a few competitors in this space. Fullscreen focuses on tech and brands in multi-verticals.

Maker Studios started in content production although acts as a MCN (multichannel network) as well and aggregates channels. And there are more.

However BuzzMyVideos thinks its got an edge because of its tech platform geared to growing an audience and monetising content; the founders know this business inside and out; and the localisation of the videos into other languages.