Beast Sensor On Indiegogo Tracks Your Weight-lifting In Real Time

In recent years hardware has appeared to track your gym workouts. PushStrength and GymWatch are both devices that will measure your reps as you grunt and build those muscles lifting weights.

A new kid on the block is Beast and it’s currently trying to raise $60,000 on Indiegogo.

This little device differentiates itself by being suitable for all exercises (not only a few) and by displaying results in real-time. In theory this creates more motivation and prevents you do the wrong movements as you lift.

Developed in Milan, Italy, the sensor is magnetic and can be attached to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or gym machines and to the body itself for performing free body exercises with the Beast Vest. It then links to a smartphone app to record the data.

The Beast shows you in real-time how much you are pushing yourself by lifting weights, using a machine or performing bodyweight exercises. You can chose to visualize speed, power or strength and monitor your performance while working out. On the accompanying app, you can review your results while resting between each set and get indications about how to make your training more effective. For example the Beast App accesses all your data to suggest the optimal weight to use or the number of reps to perform to reach your training goal faster.