Atlassian Expands Its Enterprise Offerings With JIRA And Confluence Data Center

Atlassian, the company behind developer collaboration tools like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, has long had a strong presence in the enterprise, but the company today announced two new products specifically geared at this market.

Next week, Atlassian will launch JIRA Data Center, the latest version of its JIRA project management software with high-level customer support offerings and technical account management, as well as support for running the service on multiple nodes. JIRA Data Center will launch July 9. Over the course of the summer, its Confluence team collaboration service will also join this new ‘Data Center’ product family.

The company says that about 25,000 companies and their 8.5 million employees use JIRA daily. With the Data Center version, larger companies will be able to get access to the latest version of JIRA. This includes better support for scaling the services across multiple nodes to improve performance and scalability. To ensure this, administrators will be able to route certain applications, teams or geographies to specific nodes in a cluster. Additional nodes can be added in real time and the clustering technology, and shared file systems are integrated with most industry standard technologies.

For these enterprise customers, Atlassian has also ramped up its service offerings. On top of its existing partner and technical account management programs, the company now also offers access to a team of senior engineers that can handle customer service requests, as well as onboarding help and expedited SLAs.

Companies that want to implement JIRA or Confluence Data Center will have to pay $24,000 per year for a license that covers one product and up to 1,000 employees. Premium service is available for $35,000 per year and Technical Account Management costs $60,000.

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