Apple’s Hamid Mohammadinia Joins The Vessyl Smart Cup Team

Mark One, the makers of the Vessyl smart cup, have brought on Hamid Mohammadinia as the new VP Engineering.

Mohammadinia comes from Apple where he led Design for Manufacturing, with specific participation in the DFM of the iPod and the iPad, as well as other projects from Apple.

The Vessyl was designed over the past seven years to be able to understand exactly what you’re drinking on a molecular level, to ensure that you’re hydrated throughout the day as well as aware of your caloric intake.

The Vessyl will tell you if you’ve had too much coffee for the day, or when you need to gulp down a glass of water.

Through a system of sensors and software called Pryme, the Vessyl actually has an LED screen on the side of the cup that can give you exact instructions on what liquids your body needs and when.

Last month, the Vessyl launched a pre-order campaign cutting the price from $199 to $99, and the team received overwhelming support, surpassing their $50,000 goal in 100 minutes.

According to the company, 40 percent of total sales have come from outside the United States, with customers from more than 75 countries.

You can learn more about the Vessyl cup here.