US Marshals Have Sold 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins

The US Marshals announced they have sold 30,000 BTC to an anonymous bidder. The auction took place on June 27 and the highest bidder won all 30 blocks of 1,000 bitcoins. Comically, the sender of a an email to those involved in the auction disclosed all the bidders last week, making it clear that a number of big players, including Barry Silbert of SecondMarket and Bitcoin Investment Trust, were bidding on the coins.

“The US Marshals Bitcoin auction resulted in one winning bidder. The transfer of the bitcoins to the winner was completed today.”

The winner remains anonymous. Bitcoin prices rose after the announcement from about $570 to about $640 at its peak. It is now at $634.08.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.46.52 AM

Interestingly, the conspiracy theorists are already spinning, suggesting that the sale was an inside job and an effort to destabilize the currency. One step forward, two steps back.