Clever Oculus Project Lets You Live Your Life In Third Person

third person walking

Ever wished you could tap the “Change Camera View” button in real life to switch to a third-person view?

These guys made it happen. Sure, it requires the user to wear an Oculus Rift and a big ol’ dual camera rig built into a backpack — and sure, it’s probably only fun (and not nauseating) for about a minute. But it works!

Built by a Polish team of tinkerers called mepi, the rig uses a custom-built, 3D-printed mount to hold two GoPros just above and behind the wearer’s head. With a joystick wired up to an Arduino and a few servos, the wearer is able to control where the camera is looking.

If we may suggest a next version of the project: have a drone follow you automatically, blasting its camera feed to the Rift wirelessly. For maximum effect, dress as a mustachioed plumber:

mario 64