Irish Pub Only Accepts Job Applications Through Snapchat

At one pub in Ireland, applying for a staff position is actually a snap.

Sober Lane, which is opening a new Dublin location in July, is only accepting applications through Snapchat, the app that allows users to send impermanent pictures and videos to their friends.

The pub’s owner, Ernest Cantillon, tells me he has already received about 2,000 Snapchats since he started accepting them Friday morning. Cantillon said he had never heard of another company or restaurant using Snapchat like this.

“We knew it would be popular, but we didn’t know it would be that popular,” Cantillon said.

The bar announced on Twitter that it was beginning to accept applications at the Snapchat username SoberlaneD4 on June 26.

“Make an impression if you want a profession,” the bar tweeted.

Cantillion said the bar decided to use Snapchat for applications because it would allow them to find innovative, creative applicants and immediately see their personalities.

“There’s so many bars in Dublin, and most are selling pretty similar products,” Cantillon said. “The only thing that’s really different is your staff.”

Cantillon said among the best snaps were a video of a bartender making cocktails and a chef preparing lunch. He said some people also submitted videos of magic tricks or in costumes.

Of the 2,000 people who applied via Snapchat, Cantillon says he will hire about 20. As of Monday, he had already interviewed about 15 candidates and hired six.

He said using the app allowed him to evaluate candidates much more quickly but said some criticized the stunt for being more discriminatory than traditional application processes.

Cantillon said too often traditional applications waste both applicants’ and employers’ time. He said he could learn everything he needs to from a Snapchat, which can either be a photo or a video lasting up to 10 seconds.

“What I want to know is how many plates you can carry and if you can entertain a customer,” Cantillon said. “Those are all things you can get across in a Snapchat.”