Wingify Launches A New A/B Testing Platform For People Without Coding Experience

A/B testing of sites and apps is usually the domain of developers and IT teams. With the relaunch of its Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), however, Wingify hopes to make A/B testing accessible for more people, even if they don’t have HTML or coding experience. This means that companies can open up A/B testing of their products to marketing teams and product managers, letting them see immediately what works or doesn’t, and allowing them to implement changes to sites and native iOS apps immediately.

Based in Delhi, Wingify’s products are currently used by 3,700 brands in 75 countries, including Microsoft, GE, and Rackspace.

To use VWO, marketers add a single snippet of code to their websites, as they would with Google Analytics. After that, they can use VWO’s platform to perform A/B and multivariate testing and make changes to their sites or apps.

“A user can point and click to change a page’s headline, add or change buttons, drag and drop to change layouts and publish new versions of their web page to measure their effectiveness as compared to the default versions of the webpage,” explains founder and CEO Paras Chopra.

The platform also makes the A/B testing easier for marketing teams by offering a library of more than 300 testing suggestions called the “Idea Factory” and then generating real-time reports about what features are working on their sites or apps, which Chopra says can lead to increased sales and conversions.

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By offering a A/B testing that does not need coding or HTML expertise, Wingify hopes to differentiate further from its main competitors, which include Optimizely and Adobe Target.

“VWO’s big differentiator is its focus on providing a code and IT-free resource that any marketer can pick up and use immediately and access to a set of user research, heatmap and personalization tools that go beyond A/B testing. Plus, VWO is also the only solution that brings a visual and code-free web A/B testing technique to both web and native iOS apps,” says Chopra.

“Finally, VWO is unique in the way it allows arbitrary segmentation of A/B tests and results to find interesting opportunities to run personalized campaigns. It’s the only solution that lets marketers to dive into data, focused on specific criteria in order to find out what’s working, without having to define those ‘buckets’ in advance.”