HotBlack Watch On Kickstarter Shows Live Football Scores (And That’s It)

Like a bad joke, a new wearable smartwatch has appeared on Kickstarter which tells you how many goals England has scored in a World Cup match. Ok, admittedly you could use it for that, if you were the optimistic type. But in fact this smart watch will track goals scored by any team you want to track.

Created by London-based watch designer Richard Hoptroff the HotBlack Watch will “look and behave like a regular watch… But when your football team is playing, and for an hour before and after, the top dial will show your team’s score, and the left dial will show your opponent’s score; the bottom dial will show how much time is remaining.”

(For the launch, just soccer, not American football, sorry guys).

Using a Bluetooth Low Energy radio, it will connect with your iPhone or Android phone to access the HotBlack server to get football scores.

They are looking to raise £23,000 to develop the watch and ship the first orders.

Unfortunately, this is a little like buying a watch with one application. But if you’re a rabid football/soccer fan, then this is the only app you actually need or want, right?