New Lowdown Productivity App Wants To Take On Refresh And Tempo

Lowdown is a new startup now launching its app globally on the Apple App Store from today. It’s part of a new wave of ‘holistic’ apps which pull various services together to aid your productivity. It competes with refresh which does people search and some of the calendar aspects of Tempo, Sunrise and Magneto. So far the startup has raised £260,000 in seed funding from various sources and is planning more.

London-based Lowdown’s idea is to look at your iPhone calendar and contacts to generate magically relevant information about your meetings. By joining these dots, it can display travel options to the meeting (with times or options to no travel, such as calls using Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, WebEx); when to leave for meeting, the time it will take, a map, profiles of individuals and companies who will be present, tweets by them, shared personal and company connections, plus recent email correspondence.

Lowdown CEO, David Senior says the app “is logic driven application delivered in context.”

As most of us know, it’s the prep around a meeting that can take time. The startup claims it will save you 2 hours of preparation a week in prep (or 12 working days a year). With Lowdown, you could more easily prepare for a meeting in the back of a taxi, for instance.