Lenovo Just Patented Their Own Version Of Google Glass

As we all know, merely patenting something doesn’t mean it will ever land in stores. However, Lenovo has just filed a basic patent for an “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.” The device, which appears on the USPTO website, looks about as close to Google Glass as you can get without implicitly calling these Lenovo Glasses.

The device is fairly simple. It consists of an audio and video recorder as well as light-pump VOD displays that appear to be from Lumus Labs, a company we’ve covered before. This would turn these glasses into the equivalent of a wearable heads-up display and, thanks to bone conduction microphones in the earpieces, add a method for wireless communication as well.

The patent is very careful to describe this as a recording device rather than a wearable, a move that could ensure Lenovo doesn’t get hit with competitor lawsuits. It also shows how interested Lenovo is in the space. Given that almost everyone is probably building one of these right now, the fact that they patented a high-performance device with as-yet unreleased hardware seems like an bold move. Lenovo still hasn’t cracked the mobile space with any intensity in the U.S. and, except for ThinkPads, the brand is all but unknown. However, no company with any moxie wants to ignore wearables. This is more of the same.

If this shows us anything, it’s that everyone is about to get into the wearables game – and that high-tech glasses are going to get a lot cooler.