Social Shopping Site Svpply To Shut Down, Nearly 2 Years After Selling To eBay

Svpply, the curated social shopping site meant to replicate the experience of traditional window shopping online, announced today that it will shut down on August 31.

The shutdown will occur just a week short of the two year anniversary of its acquisition by eBay, which occurred in September 2012. In the months immediately following the eBay deal, Svpply continued to iterate and launch new features and apps, but in recent months development on the service has seemed to stagnate.

In a post on its website, Svpply announced the shutdown and provided instructions on how users can export their data:

“We regret to announce that and its associated apps — Svpply and Want by Svpply — will retire on August 31st.

We appreciate that you took time to curate and share collections of your most loved products, so we want to give you time to export the links you’ve added to the site. You can do so through your Account Settings.

The post goes on to recommend that Svpply users try out eBay’s personalized shopping and curation tools including “feed” and “collections” going forward, some of which have been developed and launched by the team that built Svpply. However, those products are small consolation for longtime fans of the famously well-designed original Svpply app:

Of course, this is often what happens in the months and years after big tech companies acquire new and clever products — some key parts sometimes get integrated, and other beloved bits often get cut. We’ve reached out to people at Svpply and eBay for more information on the Svpply shutdown, and will update with any additional details we receive.

Update: The good news is that Svpply co-founder Ben Pieratt is also bummed about the planned shutdown, and has announced that he plans to build a new and improved Svpply-like product (with a more sustainable business model) to replace it.