Our First Look At Adobe’s Ink And Slide Tools For The iPad


Today Adobe unveiled the Ink and Slide, its first foray into the realm of hardware gadgets. The company describes the pair of gadgets as a “Creative Cloud Pen and Digital Ruler.” Basically, it’s a smart stylus that syncs with your iPad over Bluetooth and offers some nifty features when used together with Adobe Line, a new app available today for the iPad.

3_Adobe Ink Slide Apps

In the video above, Adobe Director of Innovation Strategy David Macy explains what sets the company’s tools apart from what’s already out there on the market.

From its curved, anodized aluminum body that fits well in your hand no matter the position to the digital ruler that doesn’t require a battery thanks to a smart use of magnets to simulate multi-touch points on your screen, the Ink and Slide seems to be a quality piece of hardware.

Designers interested in adding Ink and Slide to their workflows can buy it directly from Adobe for $199. As suggested by Adobe’s description, it’s best for those who already pay up for a subscription to the company’s Creative Cloud service, as that gives access to unlimited backup of your work in Adobe Line as well as the ability to send the work you started on your iPad over to the  full versions of Photoshop and Illustrator on the desktop with the tap of a button.

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