Exercise Competition App Fitt Leaves Beta, Wants You To Get Off Your Lazy Backside

Fitt took the beta wrapper off its fitness competition service today and launched to the general public. The service previously spun an early beta group of 120 users into more than 10,000, depending on those first users to invite others onto its platform.

Another fitness app? Yes, but of a slightly different varietal: Fitt is built around the idea of challenges and wants you to keep moving. It collects data from Fitbits, Jawbone UPs and the step-tracking app Moves (the company plans to add additional sources in the future) and allows users who use those tools to compete with one another. You challenge others to, say, walk a certain percentage more per day than their average, which Fitt calculates for you. (My average sucks.) 

The app caught my eye because it sits between wearables and mobile apps. Not to mention I’m trying to work out more and sit less. I’m currently in a fitness challenge with a friend. We have a spreadsheet, into which we record our miles exercised per week on a daily basis. Winner gets a free drink from the loser. A shared Google Doc works, but with Fitt we could probably save time and even rope a few others into the gambit.

Fitt has raised $300,000 from 500 Startups, Crosslink Capital and others and plans to raise more capital. The company’s early user growth from a very small germination point — that 120 users — is interesting. We’ll keep an eye on how well it will translate to a larger, perhaps more diverse set of users. If it can replicate that early percentage pop, it could grow quickly.

Fitt is currently an iOS application and web experience. The company says it will build a native Android app in the future, and sees roughly even traffic between its iOS application and web interface.