Coined, A Documentary On Cryptocurrency, Needs Your Fiat Cash

What the world needs now is more converge of dogecoin. Luckily, the folks at Coined: The Story of Cryptocurrency are on the case. The film, created by Chris Higgins and Adam Cornelius, is going to be released next year but still needs $72,000 for production costs. That’s where you and your fiat currency comes in.

“We’re cutting through the noise to tell more personal stories, which are just as fascinating,” write the pair on their Kickstarter page. The goal is to focus on cryptocurrencies, in particular BTC and Dogecoin, and they’ve already shot 20 hours of footage and need a hundred more before they’ll be ready to cut the film.

To many, a film about cryptocurrency might be a snooze. But after the success of King Of Kong, Cornelius’ own movie about Tetris, and TPB AFK about the Pirate Bay, it’s clear that there is definitely an audience for nerd-core topics. The pair has interviewed dogecoin creator Billy Markus, and they’re looking for more interviews over the next few months. “This moment matters,” they write. “Years from now, people will look back on 2014 as the year cryptocurrency went mainstream. We’re here to capture that history as it happens.”

It’s a nice goal and should be a nice film. They’re looking for a pledge of $10 for a digital download but, sadly, there’s no place to send them my spare Auroracoin. Soon, perhaps, the entire movie industry will be run on BTC.