OkDoThis Tells You What To Photograph In The Hopes Of Ending Redundant Latte Pictures

The photography industry has undergone a revolution. There has never been wider access to cameras and photo distribution tools, meaning we now take more photos than we ever have before. We are truly all photographers. And yet, most of what you see on Instagram and other photo-sharing services is redundant.

At least, that’s what world-renowned photographer and OKDOTHIS founder Jeremy Cowart thinks. But his new app aims to change all that.

OKDOTHIS is launching out of beta today to provide a community of ideas to photographers. Users can list different activities like “look up” or “fill the frame with a circle” and the community can then add photos that fall into that category.

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“The idea for OKDOTHIS came from the fact that there’s no social network or app that actually pushes you to go and do something,” said Cowart. “With OKDOTHIS, you have an endless pool of creativity and ideas to take action on.”

The app offers inspiration for your photos, plus tons of filters and editing tools to make sure they’re pretty.

Users can participate in already-posted do’s, post their own creative idea for others to work on, or simply browse through the thousands of photos already in the system. Photos aren’t only filtered by popularity and do’s, but also in categories like Nature, captions and comments.

The part of the app that may draw some may be a deal-breaker for others. A lot of what we use our smartphones for is based around convenience. Too lazy to lift your arm for a cab? Call an Uber. Can’t bother yourself to go out and have actual experiences with your friends? Passively monitor them from Instagram and Twitter.

However, for the creative types, it’s just this laziness that has made their now ultra-accessible art slightly boring. OKDOTHIS provides a path for those creatives to get up and do something different.

For now, the company is thinking about revenue but rather focusing on getting new users on the platform. If you feel like being one of them, download the app here.