Watch The Daily Show Destroy Google Glass And Glass Explorers

The Daily Show’s Jason Jones had a segment on the show last night (via 9to5Google) that highlighted so-called ‘discrimination’ against Google Glass wearers, and the results were hilarious. To be fair, sending up the face-based computer was like knocking one out of the park at a home run derby, but it’s still funny as heck to watch.

The eagle-eyed viewer might have spotted a familiar face in the clip above – no, not Sarah Slocum, the Glass explorer famous for getting into an altercation at an SF bar due to her face computer. It’s Kyle Russell, TechCrunch writer and another person whose experience with Glass resulted in an assault.

Overall, the segment is a good reminder that while Google recently made the beta program for Glass open to all U.S. residents, it’s still a long, long way off from a general consumer release, and there’s a huge (impassable?) gap between how early adopters view the platform and what the rest of the world likely thinks.

[Added Comedy Central embed below because some reported Hulu one wasn’t working.]

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