Kindle Fire Mayday Customer Service Provides Angry Birds Walkthroughs, Dragon Drawings

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Mayday service launched eight months ago, and in not quite a year it’s already the first place Kindle Fire HDX users go when they’re seeking support and advice on how to use their devices. Amazon is boasting that the average response time through its on-demand video and voice chat support system is just 9.75 seconds, which definitely beats waiting on hold for hours, but you might be surprised what kind of requests are coming through in addition to genuine support questions.

People have asked how to beat a specific Angry Birds level, how to make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and basically how to live. Mayday support staff have also received requests to sing “Happy Birthday”, draw dragons and more using the Mayday annotation tool, and even for their hand in marriage.

We might not be all that close to a future where we can fall in love with our operating system ‘Her’-style (Eugene Goostman doesn’t seem like a great romantic interest), the next step might be falling in love with your Mayday agent. Amazon says that 75 percent of Kindle Fire HDX support requests now route through Mayday, so that’s a lot of potential for a love connection.