Trusper Adds Music, Movies, And Books As It Partners With Focus Features

The tip-sharing social networking mobile app Trusper has rolled out a music, movies, and books category and a feature that lets users purchase suggested content in-app, as it begins to experiment with paid, brand-related tips on its service.

Trusper is working with Focus Features to promote “Wish I Was Here“, the latest film from former “Scrubs” and “Garden State” writer, director and actor (and Shins aficionado) Zach Braff.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.31.18 PM

“We thought this would be a good way to seed the content,” says Trusper chief executive and founder, Jack Jia. The company is also using its top tippers, culled from the application’s 15 million strong user base to create tips on music, movies, and books for their followers.

“There’s a bunch of tips created from the stars of films that they’ve done,” says Jia.

Trusper has built a following on both iOS and Android applications with its community of tippers, who offer up mostly homey advice on beauty, recipes, health, relationships and almost anything else.

With the addition of these content-related tips, the company is starting down a path to monetization. The app is integrated with Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and other content platforms offering a simplified way for users to browse for content to post while within the app, and use that to populate their tips with tips that their followers can then act to purchase the recommendations.

Eventually Trusper could even work with consumer packaged goods companies to sell their products through the app.

Although Trusper’s top tippers might be selling company products or recommending content that leads to sales through the site, they won’t get any monetary benefits from their tips. Rather, they’ll be paid in the app’s own points-based currency which can be redeemed for incentives through Trusper’s partners.