Rough Demo Of iOS 8 Unannounced Split-Screen Mode Caught On Video

iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith was the first to dig up code that indicated iOS 8 did indeed contain the seeds of a split-screen multitasking feature, even if that wasn’t announced as part of the iOS 8 reveal. Wednesday night, Troughton-Smith uploaded a video of the feature in action for any doubting Thomases out there.

It remains incomplete, as you can see, and buggy, but this is further proof the feature either was once planned and then abandoned or is still in development for a future update. Troughton-Smith also had to do quick a bit of tricky maneuvering of code to get it working even in this form, so it’s not something that we’ll see implemented anytime soon.

Apple’s inclusion of splitscreen multitasking was tipped before the launch of iOS 8 as one of its possible features. The original leak from 9to5Mac also said it was possible the feature would be pushed back to iOS 8.1 or scrapped, which could explain its absence at the WWDC keynote where iOS 8 was officially introduced.