AdColony Says There Is No Deal With Opera

Mobile video ad company AdColony published a blog post this afternoon denying a TechCrunch report that it had either been acquired or was close to being acquired by Opera Software.

“There is no deal with Opera Software,” wrote CEO Will Kassoy. At the same time, he doesn’t deny (or confirm) that the two companies were in negotiations: “By strategy and in honor of our fiscal responsibility to our customers, employees and shareholders, we routinely speak to companies about potential partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, especially if it can accelerate our company’s vision.”

If you’re wondering why it waited two days after publication to comment, AdColony said: “Neither company commented on the TechCrunch story because it’s not a good policy or use of time to comment on rumors and speculation,” so it’s only posting now because of the response to the story.

The rest of the post touts AdColony’s continued success, with Kassoy sayng that the company continues “to kill it.”

I’m discussing the blog post with one of my initial sources to try to get additional context and will follow up if I hear more.