Parrot’s Jumping Sumo And Rolling Spider Minidrones Hit U.S. Retail In August

French Bluetooth pioneer and AR drone maker Parrot has just released some updated news regarding its big new announcements from CES in January. Parrot showed off two new drones at the event, so-called ‘minidrones’ that are much smaller than the AR Drone it currently markets, including one aerial variant and one all-terrain ground roller that can also jump up to 80 cm, or over two and a half feet. Now, those have a price and release window for the U.S.


The Jumping Sumo, a two-wheeled affair that’s both fast and maneuverable, and that can retract its wheels to squeeze through small spaces in addition to performing its jumping tricks, will be available in August for $159.99, and works with a built-in wide-angle camera lens and the companion AR app for your smartphone to deliver control. It comes in three color variants and packs a 20 minute battery, and will be sold through Apple, Best Buy, Sprint and Verizon stores.


The Rolling Spider is an ultra compact (almost handheld) quadcopter drone that can also work with two optional wheel attachments that allow it to scurry fast along the ground or even scale walls and ceilings. It can do a 360-degree flip, and it has a vertical camera loaded on board to help it position itself relative to the ground. That also lets it take snapshots, but it lacks a front-facing full video camera like its older sibling the Parrot AR Drone boasts. It does have an autopilot mode, however, and comes in three colors with mouth sticker decals in case you’re looking to anthropomorphize your drone toy.

It has a total battery life of just eight minutes (flying is harder than rolling) and works with the same piloting app. Like the Sumo, it’ll come to Apple, Best Buy, Sprint and Verizon in August, with a sticker price of just $99.99 (which is a cheap entry for aerial drones in general).

Come September, Parrot promises Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 control applications for its drones, too, including these new minidrones.