Spydy Contacts Is An Android-Flavored Launchpad For All Your Communication, Copy That?

I have 17 contacts named John in my phone’s Address Book. Some I talk to every day. Some I can’t remember who the hell they are.

Enter Spydy Contacts, an app built by 18-year-old Ryan McKinney to help keep the people on your phone organized.

The app is currently available for Android, and integrates with your social media and address book to offer more informative contact profiles. From each contact profile, or from the menu in the app, users can go straight into a tweet, Facebook message, text message, phone calls and emails, and even LinkedIn messages.

But this is more than a simple organizer.

Sure, it auto-syncs profiles to get good photos and information on your contacts, and even smartly deletes duplicate phone numbers or contact entries. But it also gives you a single central place for all of your communication.

The idea is that we use our phones for pretty much everything. Yet, where communication is concerned, the experience is fragmented across a dozen services and apps. Some friends you’re more comfortable Facebook messaging. Others you text with everyday. To some, an email is far more appropriate.

However, the people with whom you’re communicating don’t change quite so often. With Spydy, you pretty much get the best of both worlds.

You can organize friends or co-workers into specific groups so that group messaging (across social media, too) is much easier and more accessible on the fly. And, again, you never have to leave Spydy to tweet, chat, text, etc.

Spydy Contacts is available now in the Google Play store, and will eventually show up on iOS thanks to the changes made to iOS 8. Stay tuned.

Check out a demo here: