Sony Announces White PlayStation 4 As Part Of Destiny Bundle, Coming September 9

After opening its E3 press conference with a new trailer for Destiny, the new shooter from Bungie Studios, Sony announced that the game’s release would bring with it a bundle featuring a white variant of the PS4.

On September 9, gamers will be able to pick up the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle, which will pack in a white PS4 (with the same specs as the original model, including the 500 GB hard drive), a white controller, a copy of Destiny, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus membership, which includes online multiplayer as well access to free games on the PlayStation Store. Sony didn’t mention the pricing of the Destiny bundle, though you can expect it to go for at least $399, the console’s current suggested retail price.

It’s interesting to see how hard Sony is pushing Destiny on the PS4. The game will┬ábe available on other consoles, including the PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360, so it’s not the same as Microsoft’s heavy marketing effort for Titanfall, which is available only on the company’s platforms.