Now Anyone Can Tweet Up A Storm With Dave Winer’s ‘Little Pork Chop’

Tweetstorms. Everyone hates ’em… and yet, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Ever since entrepreneur-turned venture capitalist Marc Andreessen joined Twitter and began sharing his thoughts in long, multi-Tweet segments, we’ve seen a proliferation of these so-called “tweetstorms” cropping up every few days.

A small but influential group of Twitterers that have followed Andreessen’s example — including a few members of his firm, Andreessen Horowitz — and forsaken the usual blog post for the more immediate gratification of sharing their thoughts by grouping together a big collection of stream-of-consciousness Tweets.

But if you’ve ever tried to put together a tweetstorm yourself, you’d find the process can actually be a lot of work. That’s especially true if you thread those tweets together by replying to one after the other and (presumably) deleting the @mention of your own Twitter screen name.

Anyway, if you’re going to participate in the horrible activity that is tweetstorming, there’s now a better way.

Long-time Internet resident and developer Dave Winer has created a new tool he calls “Little Pork Chop” that allows users to compose an entire tweetstorm which will be automatically sent out to all their followers.

Once you’ve given it access to your Twitter account, Little Pork Chop enables you to draft out your thoughts and automatically separates them into new tweets based on the character count. Or, you can separate them yourself with a carriage return.

It numbers and threads tweets together, and in its latest release even supports the ability to publish in reverse order so that a anyone who goes to your Twitter page will be able to understand them without reading chronologically backwards.

So yeah… use it wisely.

Photo Credit: stu_spivack via Compfight cc