Apple iWatch Coming In October With Curved OLED Screen And Health Tracking, Says Nikkei

Apple revealed a lot of news at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, but it didn’t discuss or show off any iWatch. Still, a new report from Japanese newspaper the Nikkei says that an iWatch is indeed on its way, with a targeted ship date of October. The gadget will include a curved OLED screen and health tracking functions, and be powered by iOS 8, Nikkei reports.

We’ve heard similar stories in the past – about how an iWatch will monitor health related data including sleep activity, calories consumed, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels as well as providing smartwatch features like inbound message and call notifications. Nikkei also reports that Apple is working in partnership with Nike on the device, which is another rumor we’ve heard before, following Nike’s layoffs at its FuelBand hardware department.

The new information here is mostly around the projected launch date for an Apple smartwatch – some analysts had previously suggested fall alongside the iPhone, but this is October date is possibly the most solid release window we’ve had yet, especially given the source: Nikkei has previously pegged launch dates of Apple devices correctly before they were made official.

Apple introduced Health and HealthKit at WWDC this year, which together make up a comprehensive health and fitness tracking platform native to the company’s mobile OS. HealthKit allows third-party developers to build apps that inform and use data from the Health centralized repository, and the app itself provides end users a single location to go to find out about all their tracked information in a single spot, and to create a health profile that can be shared with medical professionals and others at their discretion.