Google’s Project Tango Tablet Is A $1,024 7-Inch Tegra K1-Powered Device With Depth Sensing

Google has added some new development hardware to its Project Tango 3D-depth sensing mobile project – a table development kit made its debut today, boasting a new NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 1080p display, stock Android 4.4, WiFi, Bluetooth LE and 4G LTE alongside its two cameras and rear depth sensor for the special depth sensing magic.

The tablet (previously only a rumor) will be on sale for $1,024 when it launches in late June but developers who are interested can sign up to be notified as soon as it does get released. They’re available in “limited quantities,” says Google, and aren’t meant to be consumer devices. You still have the option of checking a box to reveal whether you’re actually a developer or not when signing up, however, so presumably anyone can apply, though Google will be gating access so they’ll probably favor people building things for it.

Engadget has a full breakdown of the Tango tablet in action, including a description of some early software experiences. Originally, only 200 Tango development smartphone kits went out to devs back in March, but the tablet is supposed to have a wider initial scope and test pool. The possibilities around gaming are particularly interesting, and Engadget says big names in that community including Unity and Epic are already working with Tango.

If you’re new to Tango, check out what the ambitious project from Google’s Advanced Technology and Research division is all about in our previous coverage. It features a special chip made by startup Movidius, and it unlocks a whole world of potential in terms of novel mobile experiences.