Shut Up And Take My Money For The Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition

You’ve played Cards Against Humanity, right? The so-called party game for horrible people? Well, here’s the unofficial Tech Edition and it’s about the best thing ever. It’s just not available for purchase — yet.

The premise is of course the same: Use the white cards to complete the sentence on the black cards. But this time around, the theme of the black cards is decidedly tilted to the Silicon Valley crowd with such cards as “It’s not a tech bubble, it’s a [BLANK]” and “Facebook just bought [BLANK].” There’s also, “Silicon Valley is full of [BLANK]” and “It’s hard being [BLANK] in tech.”

The Bold Italic posted the entire collection and it’s sadly not available for purchase. But you can make your own. Cards Against Humanity has long offered downloadable sheets of blank cards. Just transcribe them onto those.

Update: The Bold Italic made the whole deck available for downloading! Here’s the PDF.

But that’s not good enough, to be honest. This pack, along with the others I’m sure will be generated in the comments below, need their own official expansion pack. Again, if a drone can deliver a six-pack of beer, this pack of amazing playing cards needs to be available for purchase in their official form.