CyberX Gets $2M Seed Funding To Bring Better Security To The Industrial Internet

CyberX, a software security startup that launched last year out of the UpWest Labs accelerator, has raised $2 million in seed funding.

The round was led by Glilot Capital Partners with participation from Shaul Shani’s Swarth Group, Leon Recanati’s GlenRock, and angel investor Gigi Levy-Weiss.

Co-founded by two veterans of the Israeli army’s elite cyber security unit, CyberX has built technology that protects “industrial Internet” networks that serve as the underpinnings for crucial sectors, such as energy, gas and oil, manufacturing, and healthcare.

In a phone interview this week, CyberX CEO and co-founder Omer Schneider told me that his company is emerging at a critical time for the industrial Internet space. “In the past, these networks were kept secure by being disconnected from regular networks. But today, industrial Internet networks have to be connected to the wider world through a lot of devices — it’s a world where you cannot disconnect from the entire Internet,” he said.

According to Schneider, the new funding will be put toward hiring more staff and reaching more customers, particularly in the United States. At the moment, CyberX is headquartered in Israel, but the company plans to open a Silicon Valley office in the coming months.