Amazon Will Announce A New Device On June 18, Likely Their 3D Eye-Tracking Phone

Back in October of last year, we broke the word that Amazon was working on a new smartphone …with a bit of a twist. Using multiple cameras to track your eyes and head, it featured a 3D interface that changed according to how you were looking at it, we were told.

Amazon has just tweeted about its plans to host a press event on June 18 — and all signs are pointing toward the announcement of just such a device.

Amazon’s tweet:

While the tweet itself makes no mention of the announcement being centered around a new device, the description on the video it links to puts it in no uncertain terms. The first sentence: “Want an invite to our new device unveiling?”

The video itself, meanwhile, features people bobbing their heads back and forth to interact with a device just out of frame, saying things like “It moved with me!”:

When you click through the link for an invite request and mark that you’re a developer, the form asks you for an example of an “innovative way in which you have used gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, or other sensors in your app development” and asks whether you’d be interested in “developing apps that utilize a novel type of sensor.”