Watch The TechCrunch Recap Of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Announcements

Apple’s keynote for WWDC 2014 happened Monday morning, and there was a lot to digest, both for attendees and those watching at home. Apple didn’t announce any new gadgets at this year’s event, but it did upend the world of iOS and make huge changes to OS X on the desktop, which will translate to big shifts both for developers and end users.

Myself and new TechCrunch writers Kyle Russell and Sarah Buhr managed to parse the huge pile of information shared by the leaders of the iconic fruit company¬†yesterday and distill it down to a few key points. It’s early days yet, so there’s plenty left to explore regarding these new releases, but for now, check out our look above at which parts of this year’s WWDC bombshell might have the most potential impact.