Valve Shows Off Its Polka Dot VR Headset

Watch out, Oculus. Here comes Valve. The gaming giant recently demonstrated a prototype VR headset with wearers reporting impressive results.

The odd-looking headset is speckled with dots that allow a table-top camera to track the device’s¬†location. Wearers report that there are two screens on the inside, although in this prototype, not all of the screen is visible. Clearly the device is a proof-of-concept more than a product nearing launch.

The race to embrace VR is heating up. Earlier this year, Valve demonstrated its VR headset to developers. Sony is also embracing devs for its PS4 VR headset. And, of course, there’s Facebook with its $2 billion bet on Oculus VR. Still, VR’s future is not guaranteed.

VR is a non-starter¬†without content, as Valve and Sony clearly understand. Technology is only as good as its content: 3D TV died because of lack of content; and 4K TV isn’t doing so well, either. Still, while devs are courted, Oculus, Sony and Valve will likely keep tinkering with its hardware until the software is available.