Game Studio Booster Pack, Founded By Former LucasArts Employees, Raises $1.475M

When Disney shut down LucasArts just 154 days after acquiring it as part of their $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm last year, four members of the studio’s Singapore team were determined to stay together. So they created Booster Pack, a new game company that has received $1,475,000 in funding lead investor Cyberworld Studios, Ariel Star Group, and Kathrein Ventures.

Booster Pack’s founding members include former LucasArts Singapore games producer Kent Byers; lead designer Shane Gavin; senior engineer Chris Chu; and lead artist Benjamin Chevalier. The startup is currently working on its first game, which is set to debut late this year. Their first round of funding will be used to develop that game, as well as fuel post-launch marketing and player support costs.

Byers tells TechCrunch that Booster Pack will focus on creating games using premium intellectual property, as well as competitive mobile games. While at LucasArts, they created games with Star Wars and Disney IP and are still interested working with “really high quality IP,” says Byers.

Though Booster Pack’s first release won’t come until the fourth-quarter of this year, Byers says his team is excited about contributing to Singapore’s fledging gaming industry.

“In Southeast Asia, it’s really hard to bring together experienced teams, especially in Singapore, it’s just that there are not many gaming companies here yet but it is growing,” says Byers.

“We have worked together for four to five years, so we’re the kind of team that knows what we are good at and what our strengths are. It’s a rare chance to have that in Singapore. We’ve worked on Star Wars and other big IPs. Our team members have worked at Activision, Gameloft, Disney, so we have a long background of experience and I think that sets us apart from other companies here, especially in Southeast Asia.”

Image by Flickr user used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license