An E-Cig That Tells You How Much You’ve Increased Your Life Expectency With Every Puff

Forget for just a moment that e-cigarettes contain several of the same toxic substances in regular cigarettes but in higher quantities such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals and several substances used in antifreeze known to cause cancer. Smokio claims to be the first connected e-cig to actually add years to your life each time you puff.

It works by hooking the device up to an app on your smartphone which captures your vitals every time you vape, even when your phone is out of sight. The app tracks how often you smoke and how much nicotine is currently in your body. It then shows you how much you’ve been smoking and how much that’s cost you and then gives encouragement to cut down and eventually kick the habit altogether.

The app also shows you just how much you’ve increased your life expectancy by number of days by switching to an e-cigarette instead of smoking real cigarettes. Not sure how much you can trust the “science” on that claim, though.

The jury’s still out at the FDA on just how harmful (or not) e-cigarettes are. It doesn’t currently consider them a part of tobacco products but has issued a proposal to consider e-cigarettes as such. However, the FDA does consider any e-cigarettes claiming therapeutic effects, such as helping people to quit, under their jurisdiction.

A study published in the May issue of the journal Addiction found that 20 percent of those using e-cigarettes were able to quit easier than those using regular cigarettes, making them more effective than nicotine patches or gum. Cancer stick or not, that gives some cred to Smokio’s claims.

While not an e-cig, bootstrapped pocket mobile device Intelliquit strives to do something similar. A quick gander at their website doesn’t reveal much but it does claim to provide biofeedback for those hoping to quit each time they take a puff.

Smokio’s app will also tell you how much you’ve saved by switching to its “smart” cigarette every time you use it. It’s now sold in the U.S. for about $80.