Hands On With Apple’s CarPlay In The Ferrari FF

Something I will never have is a Ferrari FF, a four-seater supercar that costs more than my life and all my worldly possessions combined are worth. But the car is notable not just for its beautiful matte paint job, super high price tag and precision engineering – it’ll also be among the first cars to ship with Apple’s CarPlay in-vehicle infotainment system built-in. I got the chance to sit in the passenger seat and check out the system in action, and it genuinely seems like a dream come true.

Let me explain: Back in February of last year I wrote an article arguing that the best OS for in-car infotainment systems already exists on your smartphone. Apple’s CarPlay basically is that dream delivered, albeit with some clever tweaks to make it more suitable to in-car use, including Siri-powered voice commands and control via both touchscreen and existing hardware dash knobs and buttons.

The demo above gives a pretty thorough walkthrough. The first cars shipping with this will go on sale soon, and the aftermarket option from Pioneer (which I also got to check out at the show, and which is in many ways equally impressive) is set to launch in a few weeks.