Intel Bets On Surface Pro 3-Like “2-In-1” Devices

Today at the Computex event in Taiwan, Intel unveiled a reference design ‘2-in-1’ device, raising the profile of tablet-hybrids. The chip maker, increasingly betting on mobile in the face

Hong Kong Incubator NEST Launches An Equity Crowdfunding Platform For Startups

Ask Hong Kong startup founders about the challenges facing their ecosystem and you are likely to hear one answer over and over again: the lack of funding opportunities. Because Hong Kong's startup ind

Too Lazy To Watch The WWDC 2014 Keynote? Check Out This Song Instead

Are you too pressed for time to watch all 130 minutes and 52 seconds of Apple's WWDC 2014 Keynote? Or just occupied lovingly stroking your Nexus 7? Don't worry--musician Jonathan Mann has got you cove

The Coolest iOS 8 Features Apple Didn’t Talk About Today

Apple gave us a lot to digest at today's WWDC event, including big announcements about iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite, and a new programming language called Swift. But even with two hours to present, App

Hang Local Helps You Hang Out More With Friends IRL

Hang Local creator Allen Romero is a self-proclaimed "social mother fucker" whose main goal is to get people off their phones and connect them in the real world. Ironically, he created an app for that

Yahoo Wins Another Apple Design Award For News Digest App

Every year, Apple awards a series of apps its coveted Apple Design Award. These apps represent what Apple feels are the best qualities of the platform. Among the big winners in these ADAs is Yahoo&#8

Hands On With Apple’s CarPlay In The Ferrari FF

Something I will never have is a Ferrari FF, a four-seater supercar that costs more than my life and all my worldly possessions combined are worth. But the car is notable not just for its beautiful ma

iOS 7 Changed iOS, But iOS 8 Changes Computing

Apple showed off a lot of new stuff today, so much so that it's actually hard to process. But from a macro perspective, one thing is clear: iOS 8 actually represents much more of a shift than did iOS

Apple’s WWDC Delivers Developer Fanservice

Apple’s WWDC keynote this morning laid out some welcome consumer-facing features coming to iOS and OS X. But the biggest announcements by far were the ones in which Apple delivered developers a

Home Deco Site Houzz Raises $150M At A $2.3B Post-Money Valuation

Looks like home-remodelling and design site Houzz is upsizing. Filings that the startup made at the end of May in Delaware, uncovered by the folks at VCExperts, indicate that it is raising a Series

Apple iOS 8 SDK Gives Developers Access To Faster 3D Graphics, Touch ID And More

With the launch of iOS 8, Apple today released a number of new developer tools for its mobile operating system. The new iOS SDK, which Apple CEO Tim Cook called "the biggest release since the launch o

Inside Jobs: What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A ‘Solutions Architect’?

Some jobs have names that make it pretty easy to understand what they do: Airplane pilot, waitress, doctor, shoe salesman. But in today’s tech industry, there are a lot of job titles that are fa

Apple Gets More Explicit About Bitcoin Apps

Late last year, a series of app removals hit bitcoin wallets, causing folks in the industry to panic over Apple's stance on the "virtual currency." When that happened, I wrote a piece about exactly ho

Missed The WWDC 2014 Keynote? Here’s The Complete Video

The entire WWDC 2014 keynote is now online for your viewing pleasure. Watch Apple's executives roll out the latest and greatest from Cupertino -- and even call one of Apple's newest employee, Dr. Dre.

All The News From WWDC 2014

Apple carpet-bombed the OS X and iOS world at its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, lifting the curtain on OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 and more, including the ability to allow iPhones to make calls throu

Google+ Stories, Automated Travelogues Built With Your Own Photos And Videos, Arrives On iOS

In the middle of Apple's big announcement, which includes a revamped iOS Photos application among dozens upon dozens of new features arriving in iOS 8, Google quietly rolled out an update to its own i

Marin Software Buys Social Retargeting Co. Perfect Audience For $23M

Ad tech company Marin Software, which went public last year, has made its first acquisition: it’s acquired Perfect Audience, a specialist in display and social network retargeting, for $22.8 mi

Apple Introduces CloudKit, An ‘Effectively Free’ Toolkit For Making Cloud Apps

While Apple has a reputation for building beautiful hardware and powerful software, recent forays into the cloud, including MobileMe, iCloud, and Siri, have been found wanting by many. At today's W

Apple Opens Up Touch ID To All Apps

If you ever thought that the future creeps up on you slowly, and then all at once, behold Touch ID for all apps. Announced today as a side feature of iOS 8, the Touch ID recognition you've come to

Apple Launches Swift, A New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps

At its WWDC developer event today, Apple surprised all of the developers in the audience by launching a new programming language called Swift. This new language seems to be poised to replace Objecti
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