Tradeshift Takes Over All The Invoicing For The UK’s Health Service

E-invoicing platform Tradeshift has landed a partnership with a company that processes transactions for the UK’s NHS, one of the biggest public-sector bodies in the world. The NHS Shared Business Services will be using the Tradeshift platform instead of processing 30,000 paper invoices daily. Tradeshift has made a speciality of winning big corporate clients including DHL, the French government, Intuit and others.

It means UK hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies will connect with hundreds and thousands of their suppliers using the Tradeshift platform, in theory reducing the time suppliers face for payment. The NHS Shared Business Services processes around $154 billion worth of NHS payments each year.

Tradeshift’s competitors include San Francisco-based Taulia, Ariba, Basware, Coupa Software, OB10 and Dublin-based Senddr.