Meet Raptor, The New Running Robot That Will Smother Your Soul In Fear


Another day, another bipedal robot that will eventually run you down and crush you! This new robot, called the Raptor, can run 26 miles an hour without falling over and even jump over obstacles.

The robot, created by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has a balancing tail and blade legs to help keep it bouncing while remaining upright. It is almost as fast as the Boston Dymanics Cheetah, the fastest robot in the world.

The best part of the video, recorded by researchers Jongwon Park, Jinyi Lee, Jinwoo Lee, Kyung-Soo Kim, and Professor Soohyun Kim, is how the Raptor reacts to objects in its path. Because the tail helps balance the robot on the run, it takes foam obstacles in stride, jumping over them or even leaning to the side to let them pass.

No word yet on when the Raptor will be commercially available to hunt down and destroy your puny human body.

via Spectrum