Style Jukebox Raises Seed To Stream Your Own Music Collection

Style Jukebox has raised undisclosed seed funding from Central European early-stage fund LAUNCHub to boost its cloud music-streaming service. The cloud part is that you upload your personal music files collection and then use Style Jukebox to stream it into your device wherever you are. There are of course other services like this, though not all have the same amount of apps.

Aiming to be a ‘Hi-Fi sound quality’ service, Style Jukebox now has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Desktop. It’s free to access 1,000 of your songs up there in the cloud, but after that you’re asked to pay.

With a few hundred thousand users, this is not a startup about to go huge any time yet. However, the Romanian-based startup has managed to partner with local telecom operator Vivacom to free streaming to its 3G users