Banners Go Up Suggesting That, Yes, Apple Will Debut iOS 8 at WWDC

In case there was some worry in your heart of hearts that Apple was going to mix things up and not show iOS 8 at WWDC, let it be cast away.

A few new banners went up at SF’s Moscone center today, including one that literally says nothing but “8”. So, unless Apple has collectively decided to thoroughly muddy up their product line by launching something else called “8” when everyone is expecting iOS 8, we can consider this a pretty rock solid confirmation.

MacRumors got a shot of the banner being unfurled (via Jay Yarow on Twitter), complete with cameo from a not-super-pleased-looking guard:


Of note, perhaps, is the banner’s background: it’s the ocean! Let the wild speculation as to why they went with that begin.

Was it just because it’s pretty? That’s not very… Apple-y. Could it be a nod to iOS 8 getting better integration with OS X (where each successive update’s name is ocean/beach/California-themed) with features like the rumored iOS-to-OS-X Airdrop?

Before you get too excited, remember: most of the more well-sourced whispers floating about are suggesting that iOS 8 will be a fairly mild update. From everything I’ve heard, the initial release of iOS 8 is largely meant to bring in much of what juuuust barely didn’t make it into iOS 7 before they locked down the feature set. Things like public transport directions in the Maps app, for example.