The NewViewWear Wearable Camera Hides In Your Shirt

Elvis Costello once sang of watching detectives, an act that, to most of us, has been difficult. Now with the always-on, always-recording wearable NewViewWear camera, however, you can see them “shoot, shoot, shoot” and them “red dogs under illegal legs” no matter how they try to hide.

Lifecasting waned in popularity when people realized it was kind of creepy, but there is no reason to ignore the NewViewWar, a shirt that actually hides a small always-on camera. The product, which is hoping to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo, includes a small camera that fits into a pocket behind a hole in a specially designed shirt. You can tap the camera three times to remember something that just happened, or you can just let the thing record all day long, allowing you to review your day in ways heretofore yet unimagined.

The $199 camera and shirt combo allows multiple recording modes including continuous, looped, and automated recording. You can even do time-lapse recording. It’s also one of the smallest 1080p cameras out there and lasts for a few days on one charge. You can also add microSD cards for more storage.

Like it or not, these sorts of devices will become more and more common as people realize the value of keeping records of their interactions. Like an always-on Instagram, devices like this may soon be the Russian dashcams of meatspace, a chilling thought to those who sometimes go shirtless. That said, I’m curious to see how this is used – and what happens when someone catches you.