Mystery New iMac Models Caught Lurking In Pulled OS X Beta

If you’re looking to grab yourself an iMac sometime soon, you might want to wait a few more weeks. Based on details left lurking in the latest beta of OS X Mavericks, it looks like an iMac hardware refresh is looming.

Poking around the internals of the OS X Mavericks developer beta just released this morning, Apple-fan Pike spotted references to up to three hereto-unseen iMacs:

Mac-81E3E92DD6088272.plist / iMac15,1 (IGPU only)
Mac-42FD25EABCABB274.plist / iMac15,n (IGPU/GFX0/Apple display with id 0xAE03)
Mac-FA842E06C61E91C5.plist / iMac15,n (IGPU/GFX0/Apple display with id 0xAE03)

The crucial bit is the “15,1” and “15,n” labeling; up until this release, only the currently released iMac models — 14,1 and 14,2, the 21.5-inch models and 27-inch models, respectively — had ever been listed. Alas, as tends to be the case with plist leaks like these, there’s not much in terms of concrete details or specs.

Curiously, as 9to5mac points out, the Mavericks beta seems to have been pulled now — just four hours after it was released, and very shortly after word of the iMac listing started spreading.

If Apple has three new iMacs tucked up its sleeve, they probably won’t be hidden up there for long: WWDC, where Apple generally debuts wares like these, is in just five days.