Here’s Mary Meeker’s Big Deck On Key Internet Trends

Mary Meeker, a partner at VC firm KPCB and one of the legendary observers of the Internet industry, is presenting her annual outlook on the industry this morning at Code Conference put on by Re/code. Here data gives deep insights into the state of the technology industry that’s useful for investors, founders, journalists…just about anyone who cares about tech.

Click here for our summary of the most important facts from Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

Otherwise, here’s the full 100+ slide deck:

[slideshare id=35210772&doc=internettrends2014-052814-pdf-140528064345-phpapp02]

Key trends to note:

— Internet adoption is slowing down. We knew this already but what’s interesting is the creeping pace: it is now growing at  a rate of less than 10%.

— Smartphone growth is at 20% and is also slowing down, with developing markets now the engine driving expansion.

— If we’re in a bubble, it’s not nearly as bad as it was in 2000

— Internet advertising is still growing, but the big opportunity is in mobile ads

— People spend little time on print media but it sucks up a ton of the ad spend, while mobile has become a huge part of lives yet not enough is spent on mobile ads

— Social networking is shifting from a predominantly broadcast-based medium to include much more private sharing thanks to the rise of international SMS-replacement messaging apps

— Tinder, Airbnb, Alibaba, and GrubHub are all deeply disrupting institutionalized businesses like hotels, and meatspace beahvior patterns like walking to a local bar or restaurant.

— BuzzFeed is enjoying a meteoric rise with unique visitors up 3X this year

— Cryptocurrencies are exploding with Bitcoin wallet usage up 8X this year